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A Narrative Report

-The day of the tour

September 19, 2015 the day of the tour before that day our professor Sir. Benjamin Jaramilla is setting and directing us for all the things that we need to do during the tour 5:00 am in that morning all students of BSHRM set A. We meet in the Noli-Fili building in the University of Manila Noli-Fili building is the former office of the senate.

While we are in the road to our destination we passed first at the road of the Espana Blvd.
UST is the only university to have been visited by three popes four times: once by Pope Paul VI on November 28, 1970, twice by Pope John Paul II on February 18, 1981 and January 13, 1995, and once by Pope Francis on January 18, 2015 The patron of the university is St. Thomas Aquinas, while St. Catherine of Alexandria is the patroness.

We passed now to quiapo church is the Minor Basilica of the black known as Saint John the Baptist Parish and colloquially known as Quiapo Church The basilica is famous home for the shrine of the Black Nazarene, a dark statue of Jesus Christ many claim to be miraculous. The parish is under the Archdiocese of Manila and its current rector is Rev. Msgr. Hernando Coronel.

And now we passed in the Manila Metropolitan Theatre is also known as Tanghalang Pangkalakhan ng Maynila, building found at the Mehan Garden located on Padre Burgos Avenue corner Arroceros Street, near the Manila Central Post Office. It was designed by architect Juan M. Arellano and inaugurated on December 10, 1931.

We passed at The Manila Central Post Office is the central post office of the city of Manila, Philippines. It is the head office of the Philippine Postal Corporation, and houses the country's main mail sorting-distribution operations.
Designed by Juan M. Arellano , the post office building was built in neoclassical architecture in 1926.[1] It was severely damaged in…...

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