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29 May 2012 Knowing Your Audience Paper and Communication Release

Knowing Your Audience Paper and Communication Release On Aug. 5, 2010, a gold and copper mine near the northern city of Copiapó, Chile caved in, trapping 33 miners in a chamber about 2,300 feet below the surface. For 17 days, there was no word on their fate. As the days passed, Chileans grew increasingly skeptical that any of the miners had survived. But when a small bore hole reached the miners’ refuge, they sent up a message telling rescuers they were still alive. From the beginning of this tragic event communication needs to be designed from the bottom up (figuratively). It is important to inform and communicate with the team of rescue workers, medical personnel, technicians and mining experts, journalist, family members and the trapped miners. Taking into consideration there are different roles and different people in the audience, the potential needs of each receiving the information is considerably different. With the team of rescue workers, medical personnel, technicians, and mining experts there is going to be a more direct method of receiving a message. Knowing their job and position direct communication is what they rely on to get the trapped miners out. The trapped miners are also going to need a direct method of receiving information but in a more sensitive way. Letting them know that help is on the way, trying to stay calm, involving them and keeping them motivated to not lose hope. Journalists get information in an organizing informative way. Facts of what had happened, who is involved, and what is planned. Family and the companies’ employees are going to be very sensitive, upset and angered not to mention sad. Being assertive and supportive, being ready for defensive responses will help with them receiving information. Letting the…...

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