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Securing LAN
One way to secure your LAN connection is to use a separate network for your LAN. If you use a TCP/IP protocol for any of your network adapters you are connected to the internet and are open to unwanted visitors. It is simple to prevent this threat of becoming an easy attack point for hackers. Open the TCP/IP properties and uncheck the Client for Microsoft Networks and the File and Printer Sharing, also uncheck the Microsoft Family Logon.
Other way your LAN can be attacked is from the inside. It can be as simple as an attacker gaining access to the wiring closet. It is very important to make sure that your wiring closet is secure using some type of ID access, being ID card, Finger Print, or combination code. For the best method I would recommend using a at least two of these access methods.

Securing WAN
One threat to your VAN is eavesdropping; this is where a hacker uses software to intercept the data being via the WAN. To prevent this from being a problem for your company you want to use an encryption and VPN tunnels for end-to-end secure IP communications. The administrator should create a data classification standard and the policies, procedures, and guidelines should always be followed.
Another way to protect your WAN is to apply filters to your exterior IP stateful firewalls and IP router WAN interfaces to block TCP SYN and ICMP. The network administrator should contact the ISP to put the proper filters on its IP router WAN interfaces in accordance with CERT Advisory…...

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...security policy will touch 3 main domains: User, Workstation, and Lan Domains. The “Lan Domain”, this domain will be protected by limiting access to the companies infrastructure. This will include but will not be limited to: Background checks on any and all field support technicians, and limited access for all employees to data closets and server rooms (i.e. locked doors, fingerprint scanners, etc.). These precautions will help insure the integrity of the network at the lowest level. The “Workstation Domain”, this domain includes all company workstations. Only workstations approved by and set up by the company will be allowed on the network. Absolutely NO PERSONAL DEVICES will be allowed on the network without explicet permission from IT and these devices will be set up as to allow IT full access to all files and folders on the device at any given time should the need arise. All workstations will be updated, patched, and scanned regularly. All users using these workstations will be required to first be approved by management to have an account set up. Then the user will be given a username and passcode that must meet standard strong password parameters. Removable media will not be permitted unless provided by the company for official use only. Lastly AD groups will be used to control which users have access to what data on the network to ensure only users with proper authorization will have access to data in question. The “User Domain” will use an “Acceptable Use......

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...Investments. This report will specifically address, the IT infrastructure domains and how they are affected by our standards, they are seven IT infrastructure domain and these are they names (1) users domain (2) workstation domain (3) Lan domain (4) lan to wan domain (5) wan domain (6) remote access domain (7) system application domain. My focus in this report is to clearly identify the security risk that goes along with these domains and to identify some solutions also even to open the door for grate discussion to develop a better strategy to protect our company. Sir, Each domain requires proper security controls and must meet the A-I-C (Accountability, Integrity and Confidentiality) triad requirements. But at tins time I will only focus on three domains that are mostly affected by the “Internal Use Only” standard. Listed below are these three it infrastructure and what are the direct dealings within our company and a glimpse of their treat. 1. User Domain • The User Domain defines what data a person can and cannot have access to within an organizations information system. This domain enforces the Acceptable Use Policy (AUP) which defines what a user is allowed to do within an organization’s owned IT asset. It is the weakest link in an IT Infrastructure. Users must understand what motivates someone to compromise an organizations system. 2. Workstation domain • The Workstation Domain is where most users connect to the IT Infrastructure. Desktop......

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...to be found on Discretionary Access Control Lists. The group can have a control that encompasses everything, can be limited to a certain extent or can be further narrowed down as well. It has a universal level of control that share data with every domain on the network. The Active Directory administrator can manage the groups as well as single user accounts by the Group Policy that is a tool of Active Directory. The group policy determines whom and how much permission of resources access is given to a group or individual user. These policies are used to administer terminals and servers on a certain network. The user and computer preferences are determined by the Windows group policy. The Group Policy Object can also manage the directory options, file deployment and security related issues as well and it can also manage the sites, domains and OUs (Organizational Units). Group Policy objects are carried out in following steps: Local: Any specifications in machine’s domestic policy and version of operation system make it possible to make the policies for specific single users. Site: It includes such policies that associate with the active directory site to which a specific machine belongs. Domain: This refers to a specific domain of windows on which a computer is located. If there is more than one policy associated then the priority is determined by the maintenance personnel. Organizational Units: It includes such Group Policies that as are associated with the OU of......

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...tools, PowerShell, etc. administrators have to spend quite an amount of time in managing the Group Policy Objects. ADManager Plus is a web-based Active Directory Management and Reporting software that helps administrators in managing the Group Policy objects of multiple domains, with just mouse-clicks and UI based actions. This software also provide pre-built Group Policy (GPO) Reports to fetch Group Policy related information swiftly. This Active Directory management tool also helps in Microsoft Exchange Server Management and Reporting. With ADMnager Plus, in just a single click, administrators can: * Enable/Disable multiple Group Policies * Mass manage GPO links: Enable/Disable GPO Links, Add/Remove GPO Links * Enforce multiple GPOs / Make them Unenforced * Block or Unblock GPO Inheritance for any Domain/Organizational Unit (OU) Further, administrators can also get to know instantly, * The status of all the GPOs available in a Domain * All the Domains/Organizational Units (OU)/Sites that a GPO is linked to * All the GPOs that are linked to any specific Domain/OU/Site Enable GPOs / Disable GPOs With this feature, administrators can enable or disable all the required GPOs in any domain, in one single action instantly. Further, if needed, administrators can choose to enable or disable GPOs completely or partially, that is, enable/disable both User configuration and Computer configuration settings, or either the User or Computer configuration......

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...1. User Domain defines the people who access an organization’s information system. 2. WORKSTATION DOMAIN is where most users connect to the IT infrastructure. It can be a desktop computer, or any device that connects to your network. 3. Local Area Network (LAN) DOMAIN is a collection of computers connected to one another or to a common connection medium. Network connection mediums can include wires, fiber optic cables, or radio waves. 4. LAN-TO-WAN DOMAIN is where the IT infrastructure links to a wide area network and the Internet. • Basically, a firewall controls, prevents, and monitors incoming and outgoing network access. It is the job of the firewall to prevent unauthorized network access, both from outside and inside network users. Depending on the type of firewall, data packets sent to and from the network pass through the firewall, and all this data can be checked for whether it is allowed for transfer. • Two main types of firewalls: network firewalls and host-based firewalls. Network firewalls, such as the software-based Microsoft’s Internet Security and Acceleration (ISA) Server or the hardware-based Nortel Networks Alteon Switched Firewall System, protect the perimeter of a network by watching traffic that enters and leaves. Host-based firewalls, such as Internet Connection Firewall (ICF—included with Windows XP and Windows Server 2003), protect an individual computer regardless of the network it’s connected to. 5. Wide Area Network (WAN) DOMAIN connects......

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