A Bad Teacher Can Affect

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A Bad Teacher Can Affect

A Bad Teacher Can Affect Students in Significant Ways
Kaplan University
School of Business and Management
CM107X: College Composition I
Author: Monna uchie
Professor: Deborah Brien
Date: January 27, 2012

Abstract In this paper, I will be discussing significant affects a bad teacher can have on a student. As a parent of an elementary child, some of the things that I have noticed are that a bad teacher fails to maintain control of the class and also stifles the child’s imagination by insisting on a single way of expressing an idea or working out a problem. I have also witnessed the affects of a bad teacher of my son when the teacher made the school material more like work than a learning exercise. The bad teacher’s actions affected my son in a negative way, because my son began to not like to want to go to school. I found that this affect was failing to equip my son to be able to move through life in a successful way. In my own personal situation as a student myself, I have encountered the affects that a bad teacher had on me when the professor did not give any feedback on the schoolwork that I have completed, and the professor did not make herself available to get the proper assistance that I needed. The professor’s actions affected me in a way that I had a lot of anxiety when I attended the professor’s class. I no longer was excited about the course; instead, I could not wait until the course was over. It was then that I noticed how the actions of a professor could negatively impact a student’s reaction to the course.

Students usually rise to the level of teachers’ expectations and some bad teachers limit their students by their expectations of the students. There are many situations this could be demonstrated. One of those situations is when a bad teacher teaches above the level of the students, which…...

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