A Giant Leap

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A Giant Leap
Marina Miller
Eng 121
Concetta Williams
September 24, 2012

Ever since I graduated from high school I always thought it would be extremely exciting to go to college. I never really had the confidence of believing that it could be accomplished though. After having a family and struggling financially, I figured what a better time to strive and reach some of my goals. Sometimes I thought I was too old to attend college but after hearing the stories of people who attend college later in life caused me to believe that was not true. The two most influential reasons for returning to school are to improve my future and to be an outstanding role model to my children. Bettering my education will broaden my career and provide a superior lifestyle for my family.
Improving my future is one of the most meaningful reasons for returning to school. It has been very adventurous and also extremely challenging. There will be an exceptional amount of opportunity in receiving my college degree. My long term goals are to follow in my dad’s footsteps. Pursuing a career in law enforcement and working in forensics is one of my biggest goals. Ever since my dad went to police academy I always wanted to pursue a career in law enforcement but just never had the courage to do it. I believe striving to reach this goal will give me more confidence about myself and raise my self-esteem. Now that I have a family it is time to widen my horizons for my husband and children.
There are several obstacles to overcome when returning to school. The number one reason would be arranging the time to study. Having two young children sometimes can be hard to find the time. I try to study in the morning before they wake up so I have enough time to achieve my assignments. I am home all day now by myself with my two year old so it can be extremely hard to accomplish my studies. Working full…...

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