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License Administration Guide
FlexNet Publisher Licensing Toolkit 11.9

Legal Information
Book Name: Part Number: Product Release Date: License Administration Guide FNP-1190-LAG01 July 2010

Copyright Notice
Copyright © 2010 Flexera Software, Inc. and/or InstallShield Co. Inc. All Rights Reserved. This product contains proprietary and confidential technology, information and creative works owned by Flexera Software, Inc. and/or InstallShield Co. Inc. and their respective licensors, if any. Any use, copying, publication, distribution, display, modification, or transmission of such technology in whole or in part in any form or by any means without the prior express written permission of Flexera Software, Inc. and/or InstallShield Co. Inc. is strictly prohibited. Except where expressly provided by Flexera Software, Inc. and/or InstallShield Co. Inc. in writing, possession of this technology shall not be construed to confer any license or rights under any Flexera Software, Inc. and/or InstallShield Co. Inc. intellectual property rights, whether by estoppel, implication, or otherwise. All copies of the technology and related information, if allowed by Flexera Software, Inc. and/or InstallShield Co. Inc., must display this notice of copyright and ownership in full.

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Abcdefg abc abc abc abc abc abc abc erg ert rn thndt gn bth nd t n eryh teyn tr hn ty ne tynetfgnty nteyntefgnbtfrg abc abc abc abc abc abc abc abc erg ert rn thndt gn bth nd t n eryh teyn tr hn ty ne tynetfgnty nteyntefgnbtfrg abc abc abc abc abc abc abc abc erg ert rn thndt gn bth nd t n eryh teyn tr hn ty ne tynetfgnty nteyntefgnbtfrg abc abc abc abc abc abc abc abc erg ert rn thndt gn bth nd t n eryh teyn tr hn ty ne tynetfgnty nteyntefgnbtfrg abc abc abc abc abc abc abc abc erg ert rn thndt gn bth nd t n eryh teyn tr hn ty ne tynetfgnty nteyntefgnbtfrg abc abc abc abc abc abc abc abc erg ert rn thndt gn bth nd t n eryh teyn tr hn ty ne tynetfgnty nteyntefgnbtfrg abc abc abc abc abc abc abc abc erg ert rn thndt gn bth nd t n eryh teyn tr hn ty ne tynetfgnty nteyntefgnbtfrg abc abc abc abc abc abc abc abc erg ert rn thndt gn bth nd t n eryh teyn tr hn ty ne tynetfgnty nteyntefgnbtfrg abc abc abc abc abc abc abc abc erg ert rn thndt gn bth nd t n eryh teyn tr hn ty ne tynetfgnty nteyntefgnbtfrg abc abc abc abc abc abc abc abc erg ert rn thndt gn bth nd t n eryh teyn tr hn ty ne tynetfgnty nteyntefgnbtfrg abc abc abc abc abc abc abc abc erg ert rn thndt gn bth nd t n eryh teyn tr hn ty ne tynetfgnty nteyntefgnbtfrg abc abc abc abc abc abc abc abc erg ert rn thndt gn bth nd t n eryh teyn tr hn ty ne tynetfgnty nteyntefgnbtfrg abc abc abc abc abc abc abc abc erg ert rn thndt gn bth nd t n eryh teyn tr hn ty ne tynetfgnty nteyntefgnbtfrg abc abc abc abc abc abc abc abc erg ert rn......

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Circuitos Integrados the pulldown network by inspection (parallel devices implement an OR, and series devices implement an AND). The pullup network is the dual of the pulldown network. A C 24 24 D G B 24 E 12 24 24 F 12 X A B 8 8 C D E F 4 12 12 12 G 2 2. The plot shows sizes that meet the requirement - in the worst case, the output resistance of the circuit matches the output resistance of an inverter with NMOS W/L=2 and PMOS W/L=6. The worst case pull-up resistance occurs whenever a single path exists from the output node to Vdd. Examples of vectors for the worst case are ABCDEFG=1111100 and 0101110. The best case pull-up resistance occurs when ABCDEFG=0000000. The worst case pull-down resistance occurs whenever a single path exists from the output node to GND. Examples of vectors for the worst case are ABCDEFG=0000001 and 0011110. The best case pull-down resistance occurs when ABCDEFG=1111111. Implement the following expression in a full static CMOS logic fashion using no more than 10 transistors: Y = (A ⋅ B) + (A ⋅ C ⋅ E) + (D ⋅ E) + (D ⋅ C ⋅ B) Solution 2 The circuit is given in the next figure. VDD A C B Chapter 6 Problem Set D E Y A C D B E 3. Consider the circuit of Figure 6.1. VDD B W/L=16 Cx1 W/L=8 D W/L=8 C A W/L=16 Y B W/L=12 C A W/L=12 Cx2 W/L=12 W/L=12 Cx3 D Figure 6.1 CMOS combinational logic gate. a. What is the logic function implemented by the CMOS transistor network?......

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