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Accommodation to suit every budget and every taste, all graded by a unique quality assurance scheme.

Guest House
A guest house normally has at least 4 letting bedrooms, some with ensuite or private facilities. It is usually run as a commercial business. Breakfast is available and evening meals may be provided.

Accommodation offering bed and breakfast, usually in a private house. B&Bs normally accommodate no more than 6 guests, and may or may not serve an evening meal.

Small Hotel
A small hotel normally has a minimum of 6 letting bedrooms and a maximum of 20. Most bedrooms have ensuite or private facilities. Small hotels serve breakfast, dinner and, normally, lunch, and they have a drinks licence (though it may be a restricted licence). They are normally run by the owner(s) and reflect their own personal style.

A hotel normally has at least 20 letting bedrooms, of which most have ensuite or private facilities. They serve breakfast, dinner and, normally, lunch, and they usually have a drinks licence (it may be a restricted one).

International Resort Hotel
A hotel with a 5-star quality award that has a range of leisure and sporting facilities. These include an 18-hole golf course, swimming pool and leisure centre, and country pursuits.

A house, cottage, apartment, chalet or similar accommodation, with self-catering facilities, which is let normally on a weekly basis to individuals, although shorter breaks may be available.

Serviced Apartment
Essentially self-catering apartments where services such as cleaning are available. Meals and drinks may also be available, either to each apartment or in a restaurant and/or bar on site.

Overnight accommodation, usually purpose-built and situated close to a major road or city centre. Reception hours may be restricted and payment may be…...

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...MacroPlan Australia Setting New Standards MacroPlan Australia Setting New Standards Student Accommodation Study October 2006 PREPARED FOR CITY OF WHITEHORSE City of Whitehorse MACROPLAN AUSTRALIA PTY LTD SYDNEY |MELBOURNE Page 1 of 60 MacroPlan Australia Setting New Standards + Contact Information PROJECT DIRECTOR Con Tsotsoros (Director, Spatial Planning) MELBOURNE SYDNEY Fairfax House Level 5, 19-31 Pitt Street, Sydney, NSW. 2000 t. 02 9252 1199 f. 02 9241 6002 REPORT CONTACT Jason Black (Associate Director, Spatial Planning) MELBOURNE MELBOURNE Level 4, 107-109 Flinders Lane, Melbourne, Vic. 3000 t. 03 9663 6826 f. 03 9663 2896 e. w. Signed+ …………………………………….……. Dated: 26 October 2006 + This document has been reviewed by the Director of the Spatial Planning Group, MacroPlan Australia. This document is for discussion purposes only unless signed and dated by the person(s) identified. Disclaimer © MacroPlan Australia Pty Ltd All Rights Reserved. No part of this document may be reproduced, transmitted, stored in a retrieval system, or translated into any language in any form by any means without the written permission of MacroPlan Australia Pty Ltd. Intellectual Property Rights All Rights Reserved. All methods, processes, commercial proposals and other contents described in this document are the confidential intellectual property of MacroPlan Australia Pty Ltd and may not be used......

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