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“It’s not what you know, it’s who you know.”
Four Common Role-Players: 1. Central Connects: these are the people who link people in an informal network with one another. They aren’t usually the formal leaders within a unit or department, but they know who can provide critical information or expertise that the entire network draws on to get work done.
Even though there is a CEO in the company, this person is very important as well. 2. Boundary Spanners: these are the people who connect an information network with other parts of the company or with similar networks in other organizations. They take the time to consult with an advise individuals from many different departments- marketing, production, for instance- regardless of their own affiliations.
Connect people from different departments with each other. 3. Information Brokers: these are the people who keep the different subgroups in an informal network together. If they didn’t communicate across the subgroups, the network as a whole would splinter into smaller, less-effective segments.
Connect subgroups together 4. Peripheral Specialists: these are the people who anyone in an informal network can turn to for specialized expertise.
Are the specialists on the side and tend to be loners.
It is important to know who these people are in the organization, because whenever you need something, these people will point you to the right direction and connect you with the right people.
Above and beyond rewards are awarded to the connectors.

Two Kinds of Commitment: External Commitment | Internal Commitment | Tasks are defined by others | Individuals define tasks | The behavior required to perform tasks is defined by others | Individuals define the behavior required to perform tasks | Performance…...

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