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Administration on Aging Outline
March 25, 2013
Ann Fairchild

As an individual's find him or herself not knowing how to cope with the health care costs and insurance of our newly old age. We find ourselves needing to have to buy more medicine, which is expensive and not affordable. With the help of the health care services available to the elderly now, we can depend on them for help. As we age, we are discovering that we can live healthier lives if we simply exercise and make better food choices. We are living longer because most of us are more conscious of how we choose to get older. We do not want to make many trips to the doctor in a months’ time. We do not wish to spend our retirement money on prescription medications. With the help of the Administration on Aging helping us, we, and rest assure him and her are going to fine as we grow older and become elderly ourselves. There are other services available to the elderly. One just needs to go on the websites and look it up. Everyone has different needs and illnesses. Some of us have diseases that are incurable and may need more attention. There is a service for everyone.

I. The identity of the agency and the role of the governmental agency selected

A. Identity of Administration on Aging Services

1. Administration on aging services is a Federal main point and support agency for older individuals and his or her concerns.

2. Administration on aging works to improve knowledge among the Federal agencies, groups, organizations, and the public about the important charity that adult Americans make to the country.

3. Perform duties with Department of Health and Human Services to prepare and administer programs for the older adults.

B. Role of Administration on Aging Services

1. Administration on aging services roles is focused on assisting older Americans during his or…...

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