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Citizenship Test for the Teddy Empire 1) What is the type of government for the Teddy Empire?

a. Democracy with every single citizen voting and having an equal amount of say as to who should be the ruler, there are no elected officials who represent a large number of people, every single person individually will vote in order to choose a ruler that is limited by a further separation of powers b. Communism with every person working an equal amount and getting an equal reward ruled by a party of a small number of people who are not corrupt and work to better the country as a whole c. Constitutional Monarchy with the ruler having very limited power and forced to follow a constitution made by a parliament who has most of the power and can make laws/reforms as long as a majority of the parliament agrees d. Dictatorship with the ruler having absolute power over the people and can make any reforms he or she wishes to without having to consult any other ruling power

2) How are the leader/leaders chosen for this country?

a. The current dictator chooses a successor b. A vote by the people c. Royal bloodline succession d. None of the above

3) What is the role of government in this country?

a. Aids the economy when it needs to, otherwise free-market economy b. Hands-off government completely, never interfering with the economy c. Complete control over the market and economy by the government d. Private investors and businesses rule the economy and people with the government being a puppet

4) All of the following are rights for the citizens of the Teddy Empire EXCEPT:

a. Freedom of religion b. Universal health care to all citizens c. Freedom of speech d. Freedom of association

5) All of the following are rules/laws for the Teddy Empire EXCEPT:

a. Obey the ruler at all times…...

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