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AECOM has established itself as a leading firm on a global scale. The corporate structure enables the firm to deal with various aspects of business. It has allowed the firm to grow into a multinational. In retrospect, adopting the multi diverse aspect of business, it has allowed AECOM to benefit from business in a particular field, which in turn supplements or supports other aspects of business for the firm. The ideologies embraced by the organization appeal to the creation or development of regions in relation to building a city, region or even a country (Rodengen, 2010). The ideologies of the firm are suited to providing innovative measure for improving a region.
The attributes that the firm possesses point towards city development. From the architecture to the economical aspect of the company, AECOM is suited in improving the nature of a city. Therefore, the traits of the corporation will be suited or appealing to governments that seek to renovate or improve the nature of a region or even a country. Based on the capabilities of the firm, it is evident that AECOM can deal with large projects, which implies that the firm can deal with large clients (in relation to the size of the project).
With services such as construction, architecture, design and planning, AECOM can provide the means to construct a city in relation to the requirements of the client. In addition to the services, the corporation can provide programs that deal with cost efficiency and other consultation in relation to a project. This means that AECOM can provide a plan that will include the execution of the plan in relation to developing a city or region, with the aim of improving the economical aspect of the related region or city. In addition to the essential aspects of building a city, AECOM can provide program management, transportation and water…...

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