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Agency Overview
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The purpose of the Board of Medical Examiners is to help licensed. Physicians in Georgia to consider and reevaluate their prescribing practice of controlled substances. Practicing physicians who become new Board members to help them to become more educated and teach them about the laws. Of Georgia and they or giving detail information on prescribing medication, in certain specific situations, the Medical Board, is the agency that licenses physicians. Physician assistants, respiratory care professionals, pre fusionists, acupuncturists, they even train professionals on how to treat people that have ear problems. The Medical Board even has to investigates, complaints and disciplines those who violate. The Medical Practice or other laws that’s governing the professional behavior of its licensees there mission. Is to protect the health of Georgians through the proper licensing, physicians and certain members of the healing arts, even though the. Georgia Medical Examiners have a lot of work to do they have to make sure that they train their residency’s the correct way. Because they do have the rights to take away any professional licenses away if they don’t follow the rules and the requirements and the enforcements of the Medical laws. The Service that the Medical Examiner’s Perform.
The Medical Examiner’s office of Georgia they provide a complete forensic pathology services to 153 of Georgia’s 159 counties in deaths which qualify as coroner cases under the Georgia. Death of Investigates Acts. The Chief Medical Examiner offers the State of Georgia oversees the GBI’S medical examiner (M.E) program and also establishes policies and guidelines for all Georgia coroners. They provide autopsies to the surrounding Georgia counties; their main headquarters is located in Decatur…...

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