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The decision on whether to build or purchase the software system we currently need revolved around several factors. The first factor considered is, what we need the system to do for us. We need a system that will track training flights, ground and simulator events, maintain instructor comments and recommendations for each student, and provide a comprehensive overview for tracking student progress.
With the needs of the system recognized we can now develop a build vs buy comparison. If the system were to be built in-house it would require a dedicated IT department, and those human resources are not currently available. This would require us to hire additional people to support this project making this a time consuming and expensive endeavor. With the option of building the system in-house proving to have a high risk factor and expense we researched the purchase option. After conducting research we found there is an abundant amount of software already on the market that can be customized to fit the size and complexity of almost any organization in the aviation market.
With the cost of developing our own system, and the vast availability of software that is readily available on the market, I think it would be a prudent choice to go with the buy option to remedy this issue.
We are prepared to send letters, such as the following, to companies requesting information, demonstration, and estimates for instruction, installation and service of their software which fit our needs.

Almond Company is a flight training facility that provides all levels of flight instruction on multiple platforms and flight simulators. In recent months we have found a need to employ a tracking system to provide a complete database of readily available information in an organized format.
We need a system which will enable us to accurately and comprehensively track all training events,…...

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