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1. what are the steps of forming a corporation?
A. sales the shares to raise the capital we needs by go the owner to the state capital to get a corporation sharter and permit to sale shares in this business.
B. go to the investment banker and show him the plans to start or expand and the manufacturing in corporation to raise the capital.
C. go to SEC ( securities exchange commission) and take the acceptable (good investment ) and regest.
D. investment banker pay amount of money to the owner and the investment banker sell the share to people.
E. the money comes from sell the shares and uses to manufacture very well goods.
2. what are the roles of the investment bank? first it advises the corporation on which type of securities to issue (stock or bonds), then it helps sell ( underwrite ) the securities by purchasing them from the corporation at a predetermined price and reselling them in the market, investment bank also act as deal maker by helping corporations acquire other companies through mergers or acquisitions.
3. what are the duties of corporation director? directors are responsible for the way the business is run and the director determine the amount of dividend per share to be paid as earning to the stock holders.
4. what are the listing requirement of the corporation stock? the corporation must have substintional assets , tools , equepment and cash. they must apart be distribution it shares among large number of stock holders. the corporation must show successful management and annual earning at least one million dollars. the propose stock issue must be federal , state , and new York stock exchange regulations the…...

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