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As a first alternative, Nintendo could consider hiring more employees to meet the demand of its customers. In the text, it is stated that Nintendo was unable to keep up with the demand of customers for the Wii for many years. It was also stated that Nintendo had the least employees of the three major gaming console production companies. By hiring more employees, Nintendo can meet the demands of the market which would help the company to sell more consoles. The increase in the sale of consoles would therefore cause an increase in the sale of games.

With an increase in the number of employees, there is also a risk that the supply of Wii U consoles will outpace demand potentially causing members of the production team to be laid off. Also, a new production team could result in many of the consoles produced to have problems. To solve the risk of the supply issue, Nintendo should hold management team discussions to figure out what number of employees they to need meet demand without outpacing it. To prepare for the issue of inexperienced workers, Nintendo should take their time in hiring only the highest quality employees they can find.

As a second alternative for developing the Wii U, Nintendo should consider continuing to be the leader in developing more new and interesting ways to play videogames. One of the key selling points for the original Wii was that it made Nintendo the first major game console producer to implement motion sensing technology into game-play, with the “Wii-mote”. These technological features, along with other unique features such as the “Wii channel menu” for the console were major reasons it was able to outsell Microsoft and Sony.

If Nintendo were to implement the innovation strategy again, there is a risk that the consumers may not buy the product. Innovation may cause the price of the product to rise which can cause…...

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