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October 11, 2015
American Flag

The process in collecting and recreating the American flag collage was by using cut up pieces of magazine pages. The recreation of the American flag contains seven red stripes with the word ‘fight” on the second stripe, and “power” on the last red stripe; also, there are six white stripes with the word ‘freedom” on the third white stripe, “strong” on the fourth white stripe and “unity” on the fifth white stripe. On the Union blue part of the flag is contrasted into three different blues, and using beads as the stars for a different twist. The red stripes defiantly convey contrast going from light red to dark red or dark red to light red. The white stripes have words printed on them from the pieces of the magazine on the stripes instead of just plain white. Expressive lining would also been shown in the flag due to the fact that fight, strong, unity, freedom and power represent the American flag which can also be the focal point as well. As many should know that the thirteen stripes constitute the colonies, the fifty stars well in this case the fifty beads portray the states under the union. The red and white stripes possess some asymmetrical balance because the way the pieces were glued and the beads as the stars possess symmetrical balance. The American flag has different shapes such as the stripes being horizontal going one way and the union being squared. Repetition is also identified on the flag from the stripes to the beads. When recreating the flag Americans take pride into the flag as it illustrates strength and unity. It is a melting pot for many positives thing for all nationalities for example having and making a better living. The American flag is played on a little proportion, simplicity along with complexity.…...

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