An Exegesis of Russell and Frege

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An Exegesis of Russell and Frege
When people tell people that I’m philosophy major they usually ask two questions: 1. Why would you ever want to study philosophy? and 2. What will you ever to do with a philosophy degree? The way these questions are frame usually come across as a straw-man argument connoting to such a pursuit is a fruitless endeavor. Despite societal preconceived notions of philosopher they fail to see major contributions that they have given society from governments, ethics, and technology. Most people are not aware that without the advancement that were made in the philosophy of language, we wouldn't have the knowledge to build computers. Perhaps computers could be attributed as the major contributors to the advancements that we have seen in our society. Computers have infinitely impacted the way that we approach the world, its impacted the food we eat, security (for better and worse), scholarly pursuits, social networking, etc. its hard to imagine a world that doesn't have computers; without computers we wouldn't have all the inventions and services that have come about because of them. It was the work of four philosophers / logicians: Gottfried Leibniz, Gottlob Frege, Bertrand Russell, and Alan Turning.
Leibniz invented the binary number system which allows all number to be expressed in terms of 0's and 1's. By expressing the numbers as 0's and 1's all you need is a register which has only has to process two options: on and off. But programming in bits is very slow and tedious: failing to get input the right bit in a code that consist of thousands of switches will cause the entire program to fail. Once more programming in machine language is very repetitious. When writing a program in macing language you would see that you reuse a lot of the same code over and over which creates more data for the programmer to work with.…...

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