An Investigation of Sns Usage and Its Impact on Studying

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An Investigation of SNS Usage and Its Impact on Studying
Habits and Academic Performance of University Students
Ishfaq Ahmed
Corresponding author Lecturer, Hailey College of Commerce
University of the Punjab, Lahore
Muhammad Amir
Lecturer, Hailey College of Commerce
University of the Punjab, Lahore
Tehmina Fiaz Qazi
Research Scholar (M.Com), Hailey College of Commerce
University of the Punjab, Lahore
Shaista Jabeen
Research Scholar (M.Com), Hailey College of Commerce
University of the Punjab, Lahore
This research focuses to explore the relationship between SNSs practices and academic performance of the student by exploring the relationship of SNS usage with their studying habits. A sample of one thousand students was chosen from different universities of
Pakistan. At first step of Multistage Sampling Technique, simple random sampling technique was used to select 6 universities i.e. 2 from private sector and 4 from public sector. To form clusters, these universities were further divided and each cluster consisted of four faculties i.e. faculty of social sciences, faculty of business/management sciences, faculty of engineering and faculty of natural sciences. Simple random sampling was used at last stage of multistage sampling. Personally administrated questionnaires were used as data collection tool showing the response rate of 73%. Study concluded that there is a significant difference of use of SNSs between male and female students. Male students are more inclined towards use of these sites than female students. But study did not find any significant effect of area of study, educational level, study year, on the extent of SNS’ usage. Studying habits of the students were found to be significantly affected by the time spend on leisure activities, time spent on Internet, time spent on using SNS and…...

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