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In this book “Ann of Ava” is a journey of a girl becoming a woman. The story is about the life of an ambitious, hardworking missionary who has to deal with struggles, changes, and many lessons. Ann took risks for God, and in doing so she learned various things behind for her own good.

Nancy (Ann) has brown, curly hair and brown eyes. She is beautiful, selfless and kind. Much like her determined husband, Adoniram, she is a devoted Christian. The thing that stood out the most about Ann is that despite how beautiful she is on the outside, she cares more about what kind of person she is on the inside. Instead of easily becoming self-centred she only focused on other people and their needs. Ann and her husband have such good motives. It seems as though Nancy changed so much and so little at the same time. She took the step to become a Christian, and an even bigger step to be the first foreign woman missionary. Through every change and struggle Nancy matured. Even when everything changed, she remained true to herself and to God.
Ann of Ava made a point of faith and trust. Even though we will all be let down or disappointed, faith is what makes life worth living. Sometimes we will have to trust people even if we don’t want to. We must always trust god and desire to lean on him only. Ann truly became herself in her hometown of Massachusetts where she gave her life to God. Then she shared her life with Adoniram. Although that’s where she got her start Burma is the place where she fulfilled her God-called duties. She brought so many people to Christianity. She even learned their language. Her husband wrote books for the people of Burma in their language.
Burma is where Ann lived most of her life and where she also faced death. Things weren’t easy on her family or friends. They sacrificed much by living with not much space, thieves, lack of medicine but plenty of…...

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