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Communication is any everyday occurrence in which everyone participates. This report attempted to study the use of modern communications and negotiation theory and how it applies to everyday experiences. To achieve this, a workplace scenario was analysed and theories were applied in order to gain an understanding of what was happening in the interaction and what could be done to try to achieve a better outcome for all parties.

In this report firstly a literature review was undertaken in order to introduce the reader in the types of theories which would be examined in the context of the work place case study. Next a detailed discussion of the workplace scenario was undertaken highlighting the key points of the situation and interactions as well as a detailed description of the three key characters and the key behaviours which they are seen to display. In the main section of the report a detailed review of the applicable theories and how they are demonstrated in the case study. The theories investigated cover the areas on Conflict, Communication, Negotiation and the use of Power Bases and found that many different different theories were visible in the day to day communication. Some of the theories which were seen and discussed were Negotiation Styles and Strategies, use of a BANTA, the use of nonverbal communication techniques and theories of social tension.

In the final section of the report three recommendations were given which when used would provide the parties a more successful communication and negotiation experience. The recommended strategies were to practice emotional intelligence in their interactions, to recognise that a negotiation does not require a win-lose outcome and finally that when entering a negotiation to ensure you have a BANTA which will assist in preventing an outcome which is not desirable. This report while not providing an…...

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