Analysis of Contemporary Health Care Issue

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Analysis of Contemporary Health Care Issue
Katy Sforza
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Analysis of Contemporary Health Care Issue National health care expenses in the United States have been on the rise more rapidly than the national financial system for countless years, however several United States citizens are still lacking adequate health care. Sadly, health care spending is only going to rise and many people in the United States may have to make complicated decisions involving health care and additional responsibilities in their everyday lives if we do not start to reform. By reforming, it is hoped that America will see an increase to high-quality, affordable health care for all. Not only are private sector insurances enduring challenges due to health care spending, but Medicaid and Medicare are also. The Health Care Reform Act is hoping to drive down the cost or at least maintain the cost of health care spending. The reform is hoping to offer a delivery system that works better for clinicians and provider organizations by reducing their administrative burdens and helping them collaborate to improve care. The achievement of this reform will hopefully lead to assessable development in outcomes of care, and in the general health of the American people.
Although the provision of health services is dominated by not-for-profit organizations, there are many for-profit organizations as well that are affected by health care spending. With the National Health Care Reform Act, both profit and non-profit organizations could see a boost in consumers and in earnings. Martin Watson, CEO of SeeChange Health stated "without health reform, we figured we'd get to the $800 million mark (in earnings) by 2016. With health reform, it looks like we'll hit $1.5 billion by 2016." (Kennedy, K. 2012). While it is certain that many for-profit…...

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