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Summary - Comiskey (Chapters 2-4) 3 “God’s Trinitarian Nature,” (Chapter 2) 3 “The Family of God” (Chapter 3) 3 “REVELATION: Jesus and His Method of Ministry” (Chapter 4) 4 Biblical Basis for Small Group Ministry 5 Principles from Passages 6 ‘My’ Church 7 Current Structure 7 Small Group Structure 7 Conclusion 8 Bibliography 9

Summary - Comiskey (Chapters 2-4)
Summarizing the following three chapters of Joel Comiskey’s book, Biblical Foundations for the Cell-Based Church will prescribe a brief understanding of the trinity and its relationship to the image of God being created in man, and reinstituted through the work and person of Christ, the second person in the trinity.
“God’s Trinitarian Nature,” (Chapter 2)
God’s Trinitarian divine nature and character is revealed through theology, “the study of God” His ‘oneness’ is explicitly revealed, and His Trinitarian nature is implicitly revealed, yet equally true from His special revelation in scripture. The first reference to the Godhead being comprised of more than one is Gen. 1:26 where the plural ‘us’ is used; thereafter it is used multiple times. The triune nature of God reveals the foundation of his image being created in humanity with relational community characteristics, love being that which connects us with Him and each other. Scripture talks of one God (1 Cor. 8:6), and of those called unto Him being One in the Son, and we then “…become more like this one who came down to model his oneness and love with the Father and Spirit.” The trinity is critical to our understanding God and ourselves.
“The Family of God” (Chapter 3)…...

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