Analyzing Visuals

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Analyzing Visuals
Advertisement: The advertisement shown by the Salvation Army is a depressing and a sad work of art. The first item that catches the viewer’s attention is the window placed in the top left corner. This gives an impression of hope for maybe; poverty would not be a life-sentencing situation to all mankind. Maybe, the families experiencing poverty will have a chance to view the modern world and experience the nature. In contrast to the main idea of hope, there are lines in the room, which may represent the days that they have experienced poverty and no one shall go through the same thing by the looks of their emotionless faces.
Artwork: The Three Sphinxes of Bikini, is a beautiful and a dangerous work of art. The first thing that catches my eyes is the enormous explosions by the nuclear bombs in the United States. However, not every explosion look the exact same. The second explosive with the green color shade may represent the trees, a form of nature. The destruction of two hundred Micronesians, have a reason why the nature will be a huge factor. Referring back to nature, we can see the black color from the background that represents the increase in level of radioactivity, which could harm the country by being a major contributor to the world.
Photograph: Kevin Carter’s, A Vulture watches a starving child, is a very emotional photograph. The point of view of the vulture symbolizes the dominance over the child who struggles to survive each day. It gives an interpretation as to how crucial the situation is in Africa. These people are withstanding diseases, poverty and hunger every single day. Knowing the child’s suffering creates a very lonely mood, the type of loneliness most of the North American’s cannot describe. We see the garbage’s scattered across the photograph, which contributes to the emotions by adding to the depressiveness atmosphere of…...

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