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The uk
What’s the difference between the United Kingdom and Great Britain? * The difference between the united kingdom and Great Britain is that Great britain only consist of England, Scotland and Wales. But the united kingdome consist by England, Wales, Scotland and northern lreland. You could say that the only difference is that Northern ireland is inclouded in The united kingdom and its not in the Great britain.
What’s the name of the Flag of the United Kingdom? * Union Jack
Why does the flag look the way it does? * Because it’s a combination of the different flags that is inclouded in the united kingdom.
In which ways does Northern Ireland differ from the rest of Ireland? * The Northern Ireland does’nt have independenc meanwhile Ireland has.
What’s the official name of Ireland?
Republic of Ireland
Where are Geordie, Cockney and Scouse dialects spoken?
They are spoken in the UK
Geordie=Newcastle/north east

What languages other than English are spoken in Northern Ireland, Scotland and Wales?
Gaelic and Welsh Britain, british, brits, brit,
England, english, english, englishmen
Scotland, scottish, scots, scotsmen
Wales, welsh, welsh, welsh
Northern ireland, lrish, lrish, lrish,
Which cities are the capitals of the four nations of the UK?
England – London,
Scotland – Edinburgh
Wales – Cardiff
Northerna Ireland - Belfast
What’s the nearest equivalent to “Folkekirken” in the UK?
Churche of England
What are Bank Holidays?
A holiday that people celebrate and almost everything is closed that day
Is the UK a Constitutional Monarchy?
The Queen
What are the main political parties in the UK? What are the names of their current leaders?
Conservative Party – David Cameron (Prime Minister), Liberal Democrats – Nick Clegg (Deputy Prime Minister,) Labour Party – Harriet Harman
What is…...

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