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My audiences are the people who think about adopting internationally and people who just might be interested in finding out more about adoption outside of the United States. I will try to use many examples of international adoption and how that affects the child. Anyone could read this paper but I believe that this information would be more interesting for those who want to find some answers about international adoption.


The purpose of my paper is to inform and to those who want to adopt internationally about straggles they might have and what’s the better way to deal with them and how to find answers. Also I will try to persuade my audience to adopt more and to change lives of those who aren’t so luck and happened to not have any family.
Thesis statement
If the U. S. department of state international adoption services would provide classes on what to expect when you adopt independently overseas then the families that are adopting would be more prepared.
Content: Background of the Problem

When you adopt overseas you are indeed changing not only your life but the life of the adopted children. You are showing them what it is like to have a lovely home and a family that takes care about you. But why do some of these children still have a hard time adapting to it? It is obvious that they will have to learn new ways in the new country but there is more to that. Some of the adopted children are not small kids anymore and have their own morals or believes their biological families have thought them. It is important to know that you have to be patient with them and show them the new and right way of growing up and help them throughout that process.

Content: Evidence

The evidence that adopted children have a hard time in learning new lifestyles are in article , “When The…...

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