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In this report, there will be an in-depth analysis of the International marketing strategies that Apple Inc. currently does in order to promote their products. The key strategies will be discussed and explained further in more clarity. There will an investigation into any problems that Apple may face currently as well as potentially. Finally, there will be recommendations in terms of their marketing strategies will be given.

Firstly, there will be an introduction into the company with clear background information. This will provide an insight into the formation of Apple Inc. and the mastermind behind Apple’s successful marketing strategies. Information on the key products that Apple produces and sells will also be given.

The report will also look at the marketing mix of Apple, also known as the four P’s:

• Product • Price • Place (distribution) • Promotion

The 4p’s will be discussed in detail and there will be specific analysis on each of the core elements in the marketing mix. Therefore, the importance of having quality products will be explained. Also, the reasons why price plays a pivotal role in terms of Apple’s international marketing will be specified. Apple’s distribution policies will be examined and explained; as well as the promotion strategies that are used by Apple to enhance its global appeal.

The report will also provide a SWOT analysis; this is a strategic method that will be used in order to evaluate Apple’s strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats in terms of their international marketing. Therefore, detailed analysis and evaluation will be provided. Strengths and weaknesses will be mentioned specifically; also opportunities such as Apple entering new markets will be explained. Furthermore, the threats that Apple faces in terms of its international marketing such as increased competition will…...

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