Are Celebrities Liable for Food Ads

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Are Celebrities Liable for Food Ads? Since the melamine scandal last year, false food ads have become a hot topic. Many people disputed about whether the stars to assume responsibilities for the victims of the harmful dairy products. Following the social discussion, The Food Safety Law was passed early this year, stating that individuals who advertise unsafe food products should accept liability with manufacturers. This formulation means that a star may compensate the consumers with all his or her property for false food ads, no matter whether he or she can judge the food’s safety before advertising. Obviously, the newly-endorsed law aims to impose more restraints on stars’ behaviors for the sake of public health, but there are also many objecting voices despite general approval, thus, making this issue a focus of social discussion. Supporters of the legislation state that since celebrities enjoy immense popularity, their words and behaviors have vast influence on the public. To be responsible to the society, “they should behave themselves” and stop recommending tainted food to consumers. Otherwise, they deserve to be punished by law. Besides, some supporters draw the same conclusion from another perspective. Rights and obligations are unified. While stars take large amount of money as reward for advertising, they should also take responsibilities for their ads. As regards the harshness of the new law towards the celebrities, supporters argue that the similar laws have already existed in countries like America, and that these laws are even more severe because stars may be put into prison for their fake ads. All in all, supporters hope celebrities can be more cautious and that the commercial market can be cleaned up through these strict regulations. Although the new law seems quite reasonable according to the supporters, some people consider it as…...

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