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International Anti-Money Laundering Regulation of Alternative Remittance System Why the Current Approach Does Not Work in Developing Countries

By: Ashida Mohamed Ibrahim GM04455

Article review

Joanna Trautsolt and Jesper Johnson (2012). International anti-money laundering regulation of alternative remittance systems why the current approach does not work in developing countries. Journal of Money Laundering Control, Volume 15, No 4 (2012) 407-420.

The article was written by Ms Joanna Trautsolt and Mr. Jesper Johnson from School of Oriental and African Studies, London and Chr. Michelsen Institute, Bergen, Norway, respectively. The authors conducted comparative case study analysis on the Financial Action Task Force’s (FATF) recommendations in regulating Alternative Remittance Systems (ARS) in Afghanistan and the United Arab Emirates. Based on the article, the results indicated that FATF’s recommendation to regulate informal remittance systems is ineffective in developing countries.
I took note of the authors indication that researches conducted on related issues was minimal, coupled with the inherent limitations in the current regulatory approach. Overall, I was of the opinion that the article was very informative and easy to be read. However, some enhancements could be made in several areas: i. In introduction part and in explaining their arguments, the authors were noted to use quotation of others researches, as well as sources of information directly. Readers would appreciate the article more if the authors assessments and comments on any particular issues is expanded further; ii. Sources of references and methods applied in conducting case studies was not clearly communicated to readers for future research; and iii. The article was…...

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