Artistic Ability

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Artistic Ability

Breathless; I lie face down in a stew of my own self protruded filth~
Lifeless; I scream but only lies come out~
I cant seam to find the fire that lies,lays deap within. Self confidence was the enemy and you were the one that gave me all the energy~
Selfless, a quality I lacked without your eyes upon me An audience was what it seamed i needed to give life, live motivity. Dignity and Honesty; I thought I could live without
Hang me by the tongue with your nails, and i'd let it all out,
A follower I was never good at, as a leader I could never find my way back but I could pretend, follower-Folloher a con to even the A-rabs.
I found bravery at the depths of my feet, so low level that it took a piece to knight me, night the trimuph of darkness
Cowards natural cloak, like a hard on for the dude sweatin at the park while your children are runnin' a muck, nasty.
Filth is all I've left to give after the media sent true artistic ability to the guilotine of commercial disapibilty. Fuck i'm runnin' off track
Breathless; I lie face down in a stew of my own brains
Suicide, no it's not, that shits just my artistic train of thought nasty, like the lifeless fucks that can't put a foot ahead of themselves in-U-End-Oh Selfless pricks raped of dignity they deviate from star-dumb into bottles named Ass-prin, recovering from an overdose the kid lacked honesty,
No I in team but there is a me, a Knight with a piece stood proud at my feet the man in the night battled with the loss of social inability one in the same, twins they were deamed for weakness is death and the followers were…...

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