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AQA Psychology (A)
Psya2 A* Students

Model Essays
The A* Students

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A little about me

Firstly thank you for purchasing this book for AQA Psychology Psya2 (Paper 2). A bit about me: My name is Sajan Devshi and I was a private student that self-taught myself
AQA Psychology from 2011-2012 and I received my certificate in January 2013 Achieving an
A* Grade. The certificate you can view on my website - You can also get my other A* model essay answers from there too for the other topics I did. I achieved an A* grade overall scoring two A’s in Psya1 and Psya2 as well as 100% in both my
A2 exams (Psya3 and Psya4) My final score was 373/400 ums points. (You only needed 90% in A2 and 320 for an A* grade). So basically I didn’t just beat the boundary - I absolutely smashed it. How did I do it? It wasn’t easy and I am by no means some savant genius. I made great notes and essays that simplified things for me as I had no teachers and it is these notes I share with you now for Psya2 and the essay questions that can be asked for it.
If your curious to know more about me you can visit my website at
There it tells you more about me, how I self-taught myself as well as contact me directly for help and advice as well as get my other essay answers there instantly. Theres also great resources there too with more added on a weekly basis.
You can also follow me on twitter to stay up to date on future resources and books.
My username is: SajDevshi
Again thank you for your support and I wish you the very best in your exams! Now - Lets get this show started..

Psya2 Overview

as smaller questions ranging from 1-8 markers but if you’ve memorised full essay answers, answering the smaller ones should be a fairly easy to do.…...

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