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Sapphire/Topaz VASC
Classroom Certification


Registration Information

Sapphire/Topaz VASC Classroom Certification
The objective of this course is to enable service technicians to become certified on the Sapphire Mini-Server and
Topaz POS system in order to complete new installations, warranty and repair work and perform software upgrades. 

Prior to registering for the Sapphire/Topaz VASC Classroom Certification program students must have successfully completed the Sapphire/Topaz VASC Pre-Course Certification. Information regarding this program can be found on VeriFone’s premier portal.

The Sapphire/Topaz VASC Pre-Course must be completed within 90 days of the VASC attending the classroom certification.

Sapphire/Topaz VASC Classroom Certification is 5 days in length; 4 days of classroom training and 1 day for the certification exam. Each day will include 2 short breaks and a lunch break.

On the first day of the Sapphire/Topaz VASC Classroom Certification, the student will be given a
Sapphire/Topaz VASC Entrance Exam. Should the student fail the test with less than a 60%, it will be recommended to the service manager that the student be removed from class. Tuition will be forfeited.

It is strongly recommended the attending technician review the Sapphire/Topaz VASC Pre-Course
Certification modules no more than 1 week prior to attending the Classroom Certification. The
Sapphire/Topaz classroom certification program is modeled to supplement the information provided in the pre-course. Students must have a strong grasp of the information provided in pre-course to pass the
Sapphire/Topaz classroom final exam.

All classes and documentation are in English.

Cancellations made 15-30 days before class will result in the option to reschedule or the tuition will be credited to…...

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