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Communication is a critical skill for every profession--including nursing. For this week, write a post describing the kind of written and oral communication that you do at work. How much of your typical work day is occupied with speaking and writing? What kinds of documents do you compose? Recall a time when you experienced a problem at work as a result of poor communication. What were the causes of and possible remedies for the problem? How do you think studying technical writing would help you in your current and future work?

To show that you’ve done the required reading, the postings require that you summarize, quote, or paraphrase at least a few key ideas from the reading in your response. Make sure you cite your sources using in-text citations and an entry on the references page.

Respond thoughtfully to the above prompts in a primary response. Then, write two secondary responses, each to a different classmate's post.

Your discussion postings will be graded, and your grade will be determined by the quality of posts. All discussion posts should be carefully structured with a beginning, a middle, and an end; they should also employ complete, grammatical sentences that form coherent and cohesive paragraphs. They must address the question(s) and be on topic; they must reflect that you have done the required reading. When you agree or disagree with a classmate, the reading, or lesson materials, state and support your agreement or disagreement. Moreover, all posts should be courteous and respectful. If you would not say it in the classroom (or the workplace), please do not write it in an online discussion forum.

To show that you’ve done the required reading, the postings require that you summarize, quote, or paraphrase at least a few key ideas from the reading in your response. Make sure you cite your sources using in-text citations and an entry on the…...

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