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Sarah Johnson
September 16, 2012
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Messing With Emotions Happiness, comfort, stability are words that describe a Utopian environment: A perfect world. However, disguised as a Utopia, Brave New World is a Dystopian environment which controls how society behaves, believes, and lives. As long as everything goes as planned, then the people can keep stability in society. Therefore, in order to maintain stability, Brave New World makes it so no relationships exist to prevent from having unstable emotions. In Huxley’s book, the citizens are conditioned to think that “…everyone belongs to everyone else” (56). For the citizens, it means that they are allowed to have anyone they want, to not be fixated on only one person. That is because if these couples were to break up, then it would cause instability in their life, which is what Brave New World is trying to prevent. In this society, they are always trying to enforce stability. Just to keep the society stable, the officials in the book make it so that the people are always happy. They make sure that no one is unhappy because when one person in that situation, then it can affect the rest of society. That is why, when the World Controller asked if anyone had, had a time where they could not have anything they wanted. “Horrible; precisely” (58). When the boy explained how he felt, the World Controller agrees saying that this feeling was not allowed, for it would not let society stable. When Lenina and Bernard visit the reservation, they meet Linda and John. Linda was a citizen of Brave New World also, and when Bernard found out that she was the missing woman that the Director was talking about, he had to bring her and the son John to embarrass him. In this part of the book, it is a parody on custody. When a couple gets divorced, one parent has to take custody of the child, and in this case it was Linda. However,…...

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