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*The Point of No Return

*My Authobiography

*My Story

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Prologue ...Slowly, she walked into her cold, dark house; she was still picking petals off the roses. As she walked up the stairs and into “their” bedroom, she left a trail of rose petals. When she was in her room, she went to the corner and just broke down. “That night wasn’t just any night; it was the night you walked out of my heart, reaching the point of no return...
...The Story...
~Hebe’s POV~
“Arron, where are you going? It is late already” Hebe asked as she was walking out of the shower and saw her husband putting on his jacket. “I need to go finish some things at work,” Arron answered “Can’t you. do it tomorrow?” asked Hebe and then she added, “I will go with you and help you since it will be a Saturday.”She smiled but her smile faded as fast as it had come. “No Hebe, I need to go and do it tonight, don’t wait for me, I will be back pretty late,” said Arron. Then he walked over and pecked Hebe on the cheeks.
*Hebe thoughts*[What is wrong with him tonight? He never pecks me on the cheeks, he always kiss me on my forehead that would give me a sense of security and kind of saying he will always be here. I am going lose my husband soon, aren’t I? Body language says everything.] *Hebe thoughts*
As soon as I got back to my senses, I noticed Arron had already left the room, I saw his phone and PDA lying on the table, I don’t think he will be able to do his work if he doesn’t have his PDA so I rushed out of our room. When I caught sight of Arron, he was already opening the front door and walking out. I called out to him, while I was running down the stairs but I guess he didn’t hear me so I ran out the house so I can give his cell phone and PDA to him but then I saw him going into a car of a girl and driving away. *Hebe…...

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