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At-Will Employment Law | Exceptions, Risks, and Direction | Ehren Stellrecht, Sadie Nelson, Jesse McNaught BUS 305-01 |

Employers today take many risks in running their businesses. Whether they are large or small employers, hiring and firing personnel is a fact of business. Termination (and therefore hiring) is increasingly viewed with caution, in part, because of the uncertainty regarding the law surrounding termination of employment. We will examine the law pertaining to employment relationships by exploring the employment-at-will doctrine. We will show how the at-will doctrine has evolved since its inception; then we will discuss whether the United States is generally moving toward just-cause employment.

History and Explanation of the At-will Employment Doctrine
Horace Wood is attributed with the creation of the at-will doctrine in 1877 in a legal treatise called Master and Servant where he described at-will employment. Some scholars say the United States had no such doctrine in the common law before this time and the use of Wood’s treatise in case law allowed a large step to be taken away from the English idea of employment rights. One oft quoted, early decision describing and favoring the at-will doctrine is in a Tennessee case, Payne v. Western & Atlantic Railroad Co. in which the judge declares “All may dismiss their employees at will, be they many or few, for good cause, for no cause[,] or even for cause morally wrong, without being thereby guilty of legal wrong” (Standler, 2000).
At-will employment in Wood’s sense combines two important concepts of employment: When an employee can leave or be terminated, and for what reason he can be terminated. Barring a contracted specification, there is little or no controversy about the time at which an employee can be dismissed. It is the…...

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