Automatic Infra Red Light Switching

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Proceedings of MUCEET2009
Malaysian Technical Universities Conference on Engineering and Technology
June 20-22, 2009, MS Garden,Kuantan, Pahang, Malaysia

Automatic Infrared Light Switching System
Mohd Norhafiz Norudin, Ranjit Singh, and Wong Yan Chiew

Abstract - This paper presents an Automatic
Infra Red Light Switching System which combines the electrical and electronics technologies. It is a major task for every household, company and industry to have a safe system and energy saving system installed on their buildings. Furthermore, automatic light switching will lead to energy saving and efficient energy usage which could benefit individuals and the whole country. Along with this, the system is developed to have a some safe enviroment without putting life on danger when switching ‘ON’ or ‘OFF’ the light after occupying the restroom. Basically, this system is design to be installed in the restroom. Apart from the automatic switching, it also comprises manual switching in case user needs to have light during the day. This system comprises two main parts: automatic light control for security purposes and for lighting areas.
Keywords: Automatic light switching, Safe system, Energy saving system, Manual switching, Restroom installation



In order to have electricity security and save energy [1], in most cases usually automatic switching is the most practical approach. Electronic sensors and microprocessor-based energy controllers will contribute to cost savings by regulating light output according to available daylight and lamp life span
[2]. A sensitive electronic control system is suggested that can take care of automatic light activation for security purposes
[2]. The GLE device power the lighting circuit based on the built in relay system without have to ‘ON’ the switch [3].

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