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Sunny side up: Country has changed, future looks really bright, says Mansha

KARACHI : It is no secret that a group within the Memon community of Karachi harbours a grudge against the Manshas of Lahore.
After all, many of the businesses that the former built — and then lost to the disastrous policy of nationalisation in the 1970s — were eventually acquired and turned around by Mian Muhammad Mansha, Chairman of the Nishat group, one of Pakistan’s largest business houses, with interests in textiles, cement, banking, energy, insurance, aviation and agriculture.

Attribute it to his relentless hard work spanning over half a century or call it a result of the privatisation policy that ultimately proved favourable to his group of companies, the fact remains that Mian Mansha is undoubtedly the face of corporate Pakistan today — an icon of the rising private sector of the country whose counsel government officials feel obliged, and perhaps even privileged, to seek.

Thus, it was least surprising to see nearly all big shots of the country’s financial services industry stand in awe as Mian Mansha walked into the ballroom of a Karachi hotel on Friday evening to speak about the offer for sale of shares in a Nishat group subsidiary, Lalpir Power Limited.
However, commensurate with the stature that he has attained in the last two decades, Mian Mansha chose to speak about larger issues confronting the economy of Pakistan.
“This country has changed forever. We’re going to have reverse immigration. The future looks really bright,” said Mian Mansha, who is known to have a close working relationship with Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif, another Mian from Lahore.

He is currently part of a high-profile, albeit informal, team that the prime minister has tasked with the resolution of the energy crisis.
“The government is going to pay off the circular debt, hopefully once and for…...

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