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3.12 Table identifying the location of the Standard
Disclosures in the report. Identify the page numbers or web links where the following can be found:
• Strategy and Analysis 1.1 – 1.2;
• Organizational Profi le 2.1 – 2.10;
• Report Parameters 3.1 – 3.13;
• Governance, Commitments, and Engagement
4.1 – 4.17;
• Disclosure of Management Approach, per category;
• Core Performance Indicators;
• Any GRI Additional Indicators that were included; and • Any GRI Sector Supplement Indicators included in the report.
3.13 Policy and current practice with regard to seeking external assurance for the report. If not included in the assurance report accompanying the sustainability report, explain the scope and basis of any external assurance provided. Also explain the relationship between the reporting organization and the assurance provider(s).
Governance, Commitments, and Engagement
4.1 Governance structure of the organization, including committees under the highest governance body responsible for specifi c tasks, such as setting strategy or organizational oversight.
Describe the mandate and composition (including number of independent members and/or non executive members) of the highest governance body and its committees, and indicate each individual’s position and any direct responsibility for economic, social, and environmental performance.
Report the percentage of individuals by gender within the organization’s highest governance body and its committees, broken down by age group and minority group membership and other indicators of diversity.
Refer to defi nitions of age and minority group in the Indicator Protocol for LA13 and note that the information reported under 4.1 can be cross referenced against that reported for LA13.
4.2 Indicate whether the Chair of the highest governance body is also an executive…...

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...The role of the artist was especially important to Chesterton in 1908 because during that time Britain was booming with unemployed anarchist; Chesterton states in his own novel that “An artist disregards all governments, abolishes all conventions. The poet delights in disorder only." (Chesterton, Pg. 8) meaning that a true artist lives free of a government; they are free to create as they please without following rules. The rules simply restrict their creativity and abilities. The role of the artist is a dominant theme in The Man Who Was Thursday, as Chesteron portrays the artist as a spy for the law playing the role of an anarchist in order to uncover a secret society of terroristic anarchism in the novel and in the end the artist actually ends up becoming the work of art to society. This is important because society sees the role of the artist as the creator discovering themselves through their work and they influence society through their emotional creativity. The novel begins with two artist; one being Symes who believes in applying respectability, law, and order to poetry, while the other poet Gregory debates that the best and truest poetry is one that is not ruled by government. In my opinion the role of the artist in the novel was to portray a story in which the artist Symes, a man of such order and yet extreme creativity gets so lost in his own paranoia about being discovered by the anarchist group that he begins to lose his perception of fantasy and reality. In......

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...Scott Gottardo Badminton/Pickleball 4/13/14 Final Normally in High School, mostly during winter, I would put on a couple of pounds. Then when spring comes around and the Badminton season starts, I burn it all away. But since now being in College, I don't exercise, which means that I won't burn the pounds that I put on during winter. I have always loved Badminton, which is why I chose this class. When I started this class, being an intermediate/advanced Badminton player, thought that I wouldn't get that much exercise, this being a College gym class. Then a couple of days in, realized that there were a couple of decent students that made me try a little harder. I also never got to face the professor, but that's fine. I still had fun throughout this semester. Then we switched gears into pickle ball. The fun and exercise just came rolling in. It was a good way to get more exercise to burn some pounds on top of being fun. Now, pickle ball was very different from Badminton in many ways. The most strenuous parts were the speed and how hard you had to hit the ball. Placement was a big deal as well but not as hard as speed and contact with the ball. Now, after the class being done for the semester, realize that I should run a couple of times a week in order to get more exercise. Also to make up for not having as much exercise as when I was on the Badminton team in High School. This will help me stay better in shape and burn some more pounds. I feel that this......

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...The Man Who Was Thursday The story of The Man Who Was Thursday, It is a very symbolic Story. The writer G.K. Chesterton takes you inside a mysterious anarchist group. One of the more symbolic characters of the story is Sunday. Sunday is a very intricate character and Chesterton decodes Sunday in a very spiritual way. He is portrayed in a very interesting way. Chesterton suggests ideas of that of which Sunday represents. In the book The Man Who Was Thursday, takes place in London, in the early 1900's. It stars the main character Syme. Syme is a poet who was recruited to a secret police force. The police force that he is recruited into is looking to stop an anarchy group. He gets into the organization and becomes a top member of the group. He is sworn to not tell the police about the group by a fellow poet named Gregory. The top member Sunday has organized this anarchy group and has named the top members of the group after the days of the week. Thursday or Syme, learns that the other days of the week members are also undercover police officers. By the time he figures this out, the whole town has turned on them as anarchists. Even through everything Thursday never breaks his word and tells the police of the group. In the end he is rewarded for keeping his word and staying true., but who is Sunday? Sunday, portrayed by Chesterton in once sentence can be described as a larger than life man. Not only large in the physical sense but in a spiritual sense. In the book......

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...BADMINTON A Researched Presented to Mrs. Mary Grace Apdua and Mr. John Mark Barri B.E.S.T. College of Polomolok Valencia Site Polomolok, South Cotabato In partial fulfillment of the requirements for English and SPeech IV By: John Rhey F. Waje 2015 Acknowledgement For every hardship and endeavor there will be a success in the final journey. This study is indeed fulfilling and tedious with the help, support, inspiration, care, and love showed by the following individuals and friends. The tasks at hand lighten and become manageable. Hope in my heart sparks for I know I am blessed with their presence and guidance. The researcher would like to express his sincere gratitude and appreciation to those people who are in one way or another had contributed their ideas, collaborative efforts and time to make this term paper a possible one. First and foremost, to Almighty Father who gave him wisdom and guided him with his Divine Intervention of his Holy Spirit. To teacher Mary Grace Apdua and teacher John Mark Barri, adviser of this research work, who presented a very worthwhile requirement to let the learner’s potentials be honed. Your advice and guidance had made this study a meaningful experience. To Mr. and Mrs. Waje, parents of the researcher who provided the financial and moral support in order to give him the enthusiasm and interest to pursue this research work. To his Classmates and......

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...longer an inertial reference frame until you either stop or continue at a different steady speed. Example of an object having large inertia: USS Nimitz: Length: 332m (1092 feet) Beam (width): 40.8m (134 feet) Mass: 86,183,000 kg (190 million pounds) Speed: 15 meters/second (34 mph) We suspect this object, having a large mass, would strongly resist a change in its motion. So if the carrier is moving at 34 mph and shuts its engines down, how far will it drift? A thousand feet? A mile? In turns out that the stopping distance (in a smooth sea) would be about 32 km (20 miles), if no active measures are taken to stop the forward motion of the carrier (such as reversing the engines). Video clips demonstrating inertia of large objects: 1. Speed 2: final scene of cruise ship crashing into dock. 2. The Lost World (Jurassic Park 3): similar scene towards end of film where ship crashes into dock. 3. Star Trek: TNG: "Nemesis": scene near end where Enterprise rams alien spacecraft. Newton's 2nd Law: the Law of Proportionality The acceleration of an object is directly proportional to the net force and inversely proportional to its mass. This is more readily expressed mathematically: Here, F = the force on the object (in units of Newtons), m = the object's mass (in kilograms), and a = the resulting acceleration (in units of meters per second per second, or meters/second2). Key points: 1. A force that results in an object......

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...COLLEGE OF BUSINESS MANAGEMENT AND ACCOUNTING SEMESTER 1, ACADEMIC YEAR 2013/2014 PERMAINAN BADMINTON DI MALAYSIA NAMA KUMPULAN : CN YELLOW NAMA PENSYARAH : EN. MOHD KHUZAIRI BIN MANSHOR NAMA DAN KOD SUBJEK : BADMINTON (BANB 111) SEKSYEN : 1M DISEDIAKAN OLEH : NURUL NADZIRAH BT GHAZALI AC091372 NUR FARHANA BT ABD RAZAK AC091385 NUR AININA YUMNI BT MOHAMAD FADZIL AC091381 ISI KANDUNGAN NO. | KANDUNGAN | MUKA SURAT | 1) | MUKA HADAPAN | 1 | 2) | ISI KANDUNGAN | 2 | 3) | PENGENALAN | 3 | 4) | EMPAT (4) TEKNIK: | - | | * SERVIS | 4-8 | | * PUKULAN LOP | 9 | | * PUKULAN DROP | 10-11 | | * PUKULAN JUNAM (SMASH) | 12-14 | 5) | RUJUKAN | 15 | PENGENALAN Badminton ialah acara sukan olimpik dengan lima (5) disiplin yang kompetitif perseorangan lelaki dan wanita, beregu lelaki dan wanita, dan beregu campuran yang mana setiap pasangannya ialah lelaki dan perempuan. Bagi tahap tinggi permainan, sukan ini memerlukan penjagaan kesihatan yang cemerlang di mana pemain memerlukan stamina aerobic, ketangkasan, kekuatan, kelajuan dan ketelitian. Ia juga merupakan sebuah sukan teknikal yang memerlukan koordinasi badan yang baik, kemahiran teknikal dan kecanggihan dan kemahiran memegang raket. Terdapat banyak kemahiran yang digunakan dalam bermain sukan badminton ini. Antaranya ialah servis, pukulan lob, pukulan drop dan pukulan junam (smash). Dalam teknik servis, ia terbahagi kepada Servis Forehand dan Servis......

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