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1. Introduction


This study is initiated as a partial fulfillment of the requirement of Business Communication course to correlate the theoretical learning with the practical life situation. The study is conducted for determining the existing student’s preferences and reaction towards ball pen.

2. Literature Review:

“Attitude is an evaluative response, usually contrasted with simple belief by its more direct connection with motivation and behavior. An attitude is a state whose real meaning is satisfaction or active dissatisfaction with some way the world is rather than a simple cognition of the way world is”.( This report has mainly focused on student’s attitude toward ball point pen.

While surveying we have come know about some characteristics of ball point pen. Then we have found some technical words used to describe pen’s characteristics such as “Elastogrip”. It means the elastic clasp. (Oxford Advanced Learner’s Dictionary 7th Edition).

3. Problem Statement:

The topic: Student’s Attitude toward Ball Point Pen: A Study Based on BIBM.
The main idea: The main idea is to identify the factors that the students consider while buying a pen and to know which pen the students use most and why.
Time and place context: This study has covered only the present market situation of ball pen. The survey has been conducted only at Bangladesh Institute of Bank Management.
Factors of the problem: While buying a pen, students consider many factors such as superior quality, high availability, lower price, attractive body, co-extruded body, soft rubberized body, oil gel ink, soft needle tip for smooth writing, click lock unbreakable cap, water resistance, ink content etc. But students do not get all of their desired characteristics in one pen. In this report I…...

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...transportation and profit of a Bic pen to get a reasonable price. Material According to Lemon (2016), Bic pen is made of tungsten carbide ballpoint, Brass tip, link, polystyrene barrel and polypropylene cap and tube. To be more exact, the ballpoint is made of tungsten carbide which can be found the price is USD 60/Kilogram in the Alibaba website. To use the density of the material(15.63g/cm3)and the volume formula of ball(r=0.5mm),to get the weight of the ball is around 0.00817g, thereby we can get that the price of each ballpoint is 0.06USD. Secondly, the brass price is USD 8/kilogram, which can be found in The weight of each tip brass is 1.28g (Pen Modding, 2016), so the each price is 0.0102USD. Thirdly, due to the length of ink tube is 10.2cm, the internal diameter is 2mm and the density of ink is1.11 g/cm3. Therefore, the weight of the ink is approximately 0.36g, and the link cost is about 0.003USD for each pen. Fourthly, the polystyrene barrel for ink remains in the pen which cost USD 1800/metric ton. It is necessary to use the outer diameter (3mm), internal diameter (2mm) and density of the material (0.95 g/cm3) to get the weight of barrel is about 0.45g, thus, per barrel cost 0.00081USD. Finally, the weight of a Bic pen is 6g (Start Right Supplies, 2016), and then reduce the weight of the link, barrel, ballpoint and brass tip, we can get the weight of pen cap and tube(3.9g), so the price of cap and tube is around 0.00464 USD. Mfg Costs According to......

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