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Criminal Profile Baton Rouge Louisiana
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Criminal Profile Baton Rouge, Louisiana
Besides many concerns that trouble the Government of United States of America, the exponentially increasing crime rate remains the most alarming. The Government has taken several necessary steps to control the law and order situation in many violent states and cities. However, the Government has ignored the fact that some of these cities face issues that are a little more unique in nature. One of such cities is Baton Rouge, Louisiana. The violent events and incidents are not new for the city. Such events are an “everyday” routine for the citizens of Baton Rouge. Moreover, situation in the city is only worsening with the passage of time.

Thesis Statement Baton Rouge, Louisiana is declared as one of the most violent and aggressive cities in the United States of America. Unemployment, deprivation of labor rights and interracial conflicts are the contributing factors towards the increasing crime rate. The law and order situation will only get worse if the Government does not take useful steps to control the crime rate.

Discussion Baton Rouge is the capital of state of Louisiana. The city lies in the East Baton Rouge Parish. With a population of 230,139 by the year 2011, Baton Rouge remains the second largest city in the state (

City in Terms of Social and Intellectual Context The statistics of the city, be it past or recent, point out the below satisfactory status and progress in both Social and intellectual context. Of the total population, 39.4% are the white American where the population of the black Americans is approximately 54.5%. The population of Alaska Natives and the Native Americans in Baton Rouge is around 0.2 % where the population of Asians is…...

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