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I have established several goals for myself, both short-term and long-term. As with any goal I access where I’m at on a regular basis to ensure I’ve set realistic goals for myself and make the necessary course corrections to ensure they are met or set new goals based on my self-analysis.

My first short-term goal is to achieve my Bachelor’s in Human Resource Management this year, more importantly by the end of April. I have two classes remaining to achieve this goal, so my plan is to finish the two classes I’m currently in (including this one) by the beginning of April.

Another short-term goal is to achieve the highest enlisted rank in the Air Force this year, which is Chief Master Sergeant. To achieve this goal, I will begin studying for my promotion test as soon as I finish my last two classes at the beginning of April. It would be such an Honor to be recognized as one of the Top 1 percent in the Air Force.

The third short-term goal I have it to prepare my subordinates for their upcoming assignments this summer. I need to ensure I’m being the mentor I need to be and providing the proper training and supervision that is expected and required of me to set them up for success in their next assignment.

As for long-term goals, since I believe we should always be in the process of learning. As I prepare to retire from the Air Force in the next 6 years, I want to continue my education and finish a 3rd Bachelors and my Master’s in education.

Another long-term goal is to become a Command Chief in our Air Force. This is only attainable if I reach one of my short-term goals of being promoted to Chief Master Sergeant and then being nominated and selected to become a Command Chief in our Air Force. This would allow me to share my great experience and continue my mentorship and help others grow.

My final long-term goal is to retire from the Air Force…...

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