Benefits of Creating a Team at Work.

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“Remember upon the conduct of each depends the fate of all.” - Alexander the Great (, 2012). This statement, made by one of the greatest leaders and military minds the world has ever known, applies to every aspect of business and life. Whether it’s a company, a sports team, or a military unit everyone in each of these groups depends on another person to succeed. In order to truly understand teamwork, team building, and what it means to be on a team, “team” must be defined. Team, by plain definition, is a group of people joined for a common goal, normally with talents or skills that complement each other to help them achieve their full potential (Armstrong, 2008, p.60-66). Teamwork consists of the following aspects: the characteristics of a team, leadership’s role in team building, and the benefits of a team approach in the business world. If a management team approaches and properly connects a team together, it will foster a better working environment for the employees, which will create a better atmosphere for the customer.

Characteristics of a Team

“The basic structure of a team includes a goal, a leader, a group, assessment, feedback and adjustment. Team development is a critical beginning in the process”(, 2012).

There are ten characteristics of a team: (Gordon, 2002, p.185-188) 1. They must have clear goals. 2. Each person must have a defined role within the team. 3. There must be clear communication. 4. Effective decision making. 5. All members must participate fully. 6. Have diversification of skills and…...

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