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Question 1: The Big Bang Theory, a television show, follows many management concepts. In the episode, “The Bus Pants Utilization”(See Appendix), Leonard comes up with an idea to create a smartphone application will help solve differential equations. This episode conveys the disadvantages of team decision making and correlates directly with Ben Schneider’s ASA theory. As Leonard came up with the idea, Sheldon cannot let go of the fact he’s not in control of the situation nor the leader of the gang. Ultimately, most time is spent on the power struggle between Sheldon and Leonard, and Sheldon naming the device after his initials, rather than working with the group and developing a business strategy. Another disadvantage of team decision making in the episode is displayed through Raj and Howard’s indecisiveness and compromise with the decisions of both leaders. In the end, Leonard emerges as the natural leader, as he displays that he can hold the group together and his ability to work with team. As in Ben Schneider’s ASA model, the team attracted a leader that seemed to embody the team’s objectives, then selected the leader that embodied the team’s objectives, then Leonard fired Sheldon as did not embody the team’s objectives.
This episode is a direct correlation of art reflecting the finance business. Usually there is not group decision making as it’s too costly and the power struggle for leadership takes too much time. The key in finance is to make money. If you can emerge as the leader, even if you did not come up with the idea, that’s where he/she earns the big bucks. Many of the team members take on the stance of Raj and Howard. Finance is a cut-throat work environment. The ASA model reflects the hiring and firing process for most finance firms. If one is not reflecting the company’s objectives, the company will let one go.
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