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B1 Rebate Credit Memo
B1E Exp.RebateCreditMemo
B2 Rebate Correction
B2E Exp. Rebate Correcn
B3 Rebate Part Settlmnt
B3E Exp.RebatePartSettlm
B4 Rebate Manual Accrls
BIND Indir. Invoice Reb.
BINP Ind.Plan.SettlmntReb
BK1 Debit Memo Agreemnt
BK3 Debit Memo Agreemnt
BM1 Debit Memo Agreemnt
BM3 Debit Memo Agreemnt
BV Cash Sale
CHFK Bill.Ext.CH Trans. D
CHFX Bill.Ext.CH Trans. C
F1 Invoice (F1)
F2 Invoice
F5 Pro Forma for Order
F8 Pro Forma Inv f Dlv
FADP Down payment request
FAS Canc.down pymnt req.
FAZ Down payment request
FL Proforma for LB
FP Billing POS-Interfce
FR Invoice Repair
FV Invoice Contract
FX Billing Ext Transact
FXG Credit memo S-b w.i.
FXL Debit memo S-b w.i.
FXS Invoice S-b w.i.
G2 Credit Memo
G2S Cred. memo 3rd party
HR Billing Training Adm
IG Internal Credit Memo
IGA ICM order-related
IGS Cancel ICM
IV Intercompany Billing
IVA IB order-related
IVS Cancel IB
JEX Excise invoice India
L2 Debit Memo
LG Credit Memo List
LGS Cancel Cred Mem List
LR Invoice List
LRS Cancel Invoice List
RE Credit for Returns
S1 Cancel. Invoice (S1)
S2 Cancel of Cred Memo
S3 Cancel. Invoice (S3)
SHR Cancel Training Adm
SV Cancel Cash Sale
WIA Plants Abroad
ZAR G.Aviation Returns
ZAV G. Aviation Invoice
ZAV1 Aviation Base Invoic
ZAV2 Aviation AddOn Inv
ZB1C G. ExCommsn Cr Memo
ZB1E G. ExRebate Cr Memo
ZB1G G. Deal Reb Cr Memo
ZB1I Global IG Com CrMemo
ZB3C G. ExCommsn PartSetl
ZB3E G. ExRebate PartSetl
ZB3G G.Deal Reb.PartSetl
ZB3I Global IG Pcom CrMem
ZBLN Borrow/Loan Net Doc
ZBPC G. Bill. plan cdt
ZBPD G. Bill. plan dbt
ZBSN Buy/Sell Net Doc
ZBTN Buy/Sell Net Doc
ZC1 VAT Invoice
ZC9 Material invoice
ZCCR G. Conv. Credit Memo
ZCDR G. Conv. Debit Memo
ZCR1 Avia Base Cred Mem
ZCR2 Avia AddOn Cred Mem
ZCRP Part Adj Credit
ZCRS ACB Credit Memo

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