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|Ships Bollards BSMA 12 |
|Please note that dimensions and weights are nominal and small variations are reserved. E & OE |
| |
| |
|[pic] |
| |
|[pic] |
| |
| |
|Type |
|f |
|Tube |
|Plate |

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...when customers are standing at the shelf ready to drop an item into their baskets and are ready to make their decision on the spot. promotional techniques such as encouraging retailers to stock your product, designing point of sale materials or even selling face to face. New businesses often adopt a push strategy for their products in order to generate exposure and a retail channel. no consumer demand in the product launch. the product and the information are "pushed" to the consumer by distribution and promotion Pull strategy • Applied to that portion of the supply chain where demand uncertainty is high • Production and distribution are demand driven • No inventory, response to specific orders • Point of sale (POS) data comes in handy when shared with supply chain partners • Decrease in lead time • Difficult to implement A pull strategy requires a highly visible brand which can be developed through mass media advertising or similar tactics. A “pull” selling strategy is one that requires high spending on advertising and consumer promotion to build up consumer demand for a product. If the strategy is successful, consumers will ask their retailers for the product, the retailers will ask the wholesalers, and the wholesalers will ask the producers....

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