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Smith Systems Consulting Review
Blake Edwards
BSA 310
April 17, 2011
Susan Peterson

Smith Systems Consulting provides services to a broad target area. The company’s description, primary business processes and target audiences were briefly documented. Points were made for how Microsoft Project could benefit each business unit uniquely and collectively.

Smith Systems Consulting Review “Smith Systems Consulting was founded in 1984. From an initial group of five, the have grown to become a major regional consulting company with 350 employees generating in excess of $45 million in revenues” (Smith Systems Consulting, 2004). They provide a full gamut of services including: web design and hosting, network design and implementation, database design and implementation, and programming experience. They also provide 24/7 support for all their customers. Smith Systems Consulting can provide these customer services through integrated business processes.
Primary Business Processes Smith Systems Consulting has four primary business processes. They are information systems, finance and accounting, human resources, and marketing. The information systems process is responsible for the general upkeep and management of the systems used throughout the company. Finance and accounting is responsible for handling the monetary transactions and ledgers of the company. Human resources has the task of personnel management, including any necessary training for company policies. Marketing is responsible for maintaining and establishing new clientele for the company. Smith Systems Consulting combines these four business processes into one complete package that allows them to serve a broad group of organizations.
Target Markets With such a diverse range of services available, there is almost no market that Smith Systems Consulting cannot…...

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