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The Life of Joseph
Joseph was born to Jacob and Rachel after she had been unable to have children for seven years. Joseph was Jacob’s 11th son, and his favorite, born when he was very old. Jacob made Joseph a beautiful robe that had many colors in it. Jacob would often send Joseph to spy on his brothers and to report back to him any behavior that was considered inappropriate. The brothers knew Joseph was watching them and their hatred for him grew even more for telling Jacob what they were doing. Joseph also had special dreams in which he could predict things that would happen in the future. When Joseph told the brothers of his dreams, they wanted to know what he could see. He told them that in the first dream, sheaves of wheat that belonged to them were going to bow to his sheaf. In the second dream, he told them that the sun, moon and eleven stars were going to bow to him.
When Joseph was 17 years old, he worked with his brothers as shepherds. One day Jacob sent Joseph to see what the brothers were doing in Shechem. When Joseph got there, the brothers were nowhere to be found. A man told him where they were, so he went to Dotham to see what they were up to. Though he was trying not to be seen by the brothers, he was spotted anyway. Before he could reach them, they had already come up with a plan between them to kill Joseph. The brothers tore his robe off and threw him in a pit. Reuben had talked the brothers into throwing him in the pit instead of killing him so that he could come back later and save him. Later that evening, as the brothers were eating, they noticed many Ishmaelite traders coming toward them from Gilead. Judah, one of the brothers, decided to sell Joseph to the traders instead of killing him. The traders paid 20 pieces of silver for him. The brothers took his robe, covered it in goat’s blood, and returned the robe to their father. Jacob…...

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