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Specific Guidelines – regarding the topic “Business Meetings around the globe”

After getting familiar with the basics of business communication in general, pairs (groups) should concentrate on the specific country. This in-class activity discusses the topic on business meetings and can include: a) Country’s specific elements of business meeting, b) Resolving conflict among meeting participants; c) Ensuring active participation of all participants at the meeting, d) Presentations (be it within meeting or in general) and e) Written Correspondence.

The focus would be on what can be different on business meetings, considering certain cultural background.

Pairs (groups) should do the research on characteristics of business meetings in certain country, respecting the following elements of business meetings: a) approach to time; b) hierarchy; c) the purpose of meetings (getting down to business quickly or not, respecting schedule…Are meetings for business or are they seen as the arena for building personal relationships and strengthening bonds); d) meeting etiquette and mannerisms; e) expectations of meetings.

Furthermore pairs (groups) should present 'a typical business meeting'« in certain country, respecting the phases – upon which meetings are conducted (there are some additional tips below): 1. How carefully are meetings prepared (checking in advance if any resources or equipment you require are available, are the agenda and names of the attendees circulated in advance of the meeting?); Are presentations and meeting documents circulated in advance of the meeting, so that all attendees are able to review any materials that will need to be discussed? Moreover: When meeting someone for the first time – is it valuable to get some advance information about the company (be it your company or »visiting company«)? ➢ Delays; Is punctuality expected and…...

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