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Task 1: Organization and Leadership Analysis

Assessment Code: C200-Task 1
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Date: 25/9/2015
Mentor Name: Michelle Caldwell

Table of Contents

Acacia Overview 3
Acacia Description 3
Leadership Practices at Acacia 4
Relationship Between Leadership and Organizational Culture at Acacia 5 SWOT Analysis of Acacia 7
Organizational Strengths of Acacia 7
Organizational Weaknesses of Acacia 8
Organizational Opportunities of Acacia 8
Organizational Threats of Acacia 9 Leadership Evaluation at Acacia 10
Leadership Strengths at Acacia 10
Leadership Weaknesses at Acacia 11
Recommendations for Leadership Development at Acacia 12 References 14

Acacia Overview
Since 1969, the Latino based agencies, Acacia Network Housing, a non-for-profit organization, provides services in the area of health, economic development and housing. According to the welcome message of the CEO Raul Russi, the company is exceptionally proud of the staff. Being myself part of the team, I can say that each employee completes their duties every day with consideration of the following values: Excellence, Commitment, Leadership and Customer Service. Looking closely at the big picture, I will analyze the head of my department, Ms. Jenny Morales, Head of the billing department at Acacia Network Housing. Ms. Morales being the one I am reporting to in daily basis will be the adequate individual to analyze and learn from.

Acacia Description
Acacia Network’s mission is to partner with communities, lead change, and promote healthy and prosperous individuals and families (Russi, 1969).
According to Acacia official website, the company has a sound fiscal base supported by our diverse funding portfolio comprised of government contracts from city, state and federal agencies, as well as commercial…...

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