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Final Project

House of Quality (QFD)

Table of Contents

1 Introduction 3

2 Abbreviations 3

3 House of Quality Summary 3

4 System Analysis 4
4.1 Voice of Costumer (Costumer requirements). Assumptions 4
4.3 Engineering hypothesis of the analysis. 5
4.4 AUDI S4 Sedan (2012) 5
4.4.1 Data Inputs (Importance) 6
4.4.2 Result Analysis. 7
4.5 BMW M3 Sedan (2012) 10
4.5.1 Data Inputs (Importance) 11
4.4.2 Result Analysis. 12
4.6 Mercedes Benz CLS63 AMG Sedan 15
4.6.1 Data Inputs (Importance) 16
4.6.2 Result Analysis. 17

5 Conclusion 19

6 References 20
Table of Figures

Figure 1 - House of Quality Process Summary 5

Figure 2 - Audi S4 2012 6

Figure 3 - AUDI S4 HOQ 7

Figure 4 - BMW M3 2012 11

Figure 5 - BMW M3 HOQ 12

Figure 6 - Mercedes Benz CLS63 AMG 16

Figure 7 - Mercedes Benz CLS63 AMG 2012 HOQ 16

1 Introduction

The objective of this project is to understand what user trade-offs were selected and prioritized when each of the three systems were being developed. The Systems to be analyzed will be: • 2012 Audi S4 Sedan • 2012 BMW M3 Sedan • 2012 CLS63 AMG Sedan

In order to understand this relationship, a reverse engineering concept will be done using the QFD-HOQ model on all three of the above systems.
Traditional Enginnering concepts will be utilized during the system analysis making design considerations (i.e. speed vs. weight vs. acceleration) all of these systems. It will be according to reverse engineering and the importance of each user requirement associated with the system by paying specific attention to the relationship between the voice of the customer and the engineer.

2 Abbreviations

HOQ House of Quality. QFD Quality Function Deployment.

3 House of Quality Summary

Whether a cascaded set of houses of quality or a…...

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